Client Rights with North Shore Mental Health

  1. The right to a humane environment.
  2. The right to a written individualized recovery plan.
  3. The right to a clinical record, and access to that record.
  4. The right to have your clinical record kept confidential.
  5. The right to agree (consent) to non-emergency treatment.
  6. The right to refuse non-emergency treatment.
  7. If eligible, the right to free Community Based Case Management services through the State of Hawaii and North Shore Mental Health.
  8. The right to refuse participation in any experiments.
  9. The right to be free from unlawful discrimination.
  10. The right to a grievance procedure, if you want to file a formal complaint.
  11. The right to have someone tell you of your rights, in a language you understand.
  12. The right to exercise your right without being punished (without retaliation).